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Crescent Brand Flour

& Spices Grinding


Crescent Brand Vertical Type Flour & Spices Grinding Machine. (Chukki).

                          The vertical type flour and spices grinding machine is a universal type of machine, in this machine, two emery stones are used for grinding purpose, one stone is stationary while other stone rotates on ball bearings. This machine is extremely suitable for grinding cereals including wheat, rice, guar, spices, barley, beans, peas, seeds, maize, chemicals, salts, herbs, etc.

Output wheat : 160 ~ 240kg/h

Power : 7.5kw

Crescent Brand Emery Stone.

             Emery stone is used in all type of stone grinding machines. Emery stone is used to grind or crush wheat, rice, guar, spices, barley, beans, peas, seeds, maize, chemicals, salts, herbs, etc.

             We manufacture Grinding stones in different sizes which are 10”,12”,14”,16”,20”,24”,30”.

Crescent Brand Disk Mill 45.

             The Disk Mill 45 is a multipurpose mill. This disk mill is designed compactly, it is reliable in operation and easy in maintenance.

             With this machine, it is most desirable to crush various coarse grains and fodder including wheat, corn, soybean, sweet potato. It can also be used to crush fresh fruit, fresh sweet potato & soaked soybean which contain plenty of moisture contents.

             This machine is also popular in the chemical industry, paper making, and the medical industry.

Output wheat : 200 ~ 300kg/h

Power  : 12kw

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    Factories: Outside Sarai Sultan Railway Road 
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		     Lahore Pakistan.

Show Room: 44 Umer Market Link Railway Road 
		      near Railway Station Lahore Pakistan.

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	E-mail: info@jamalco.com.pk

Crescent Brand Pulverizer. حکیمی چکی)

             This Machine is a multipurpose grinder and more suitably can be called a pulverizer because it can grind any product to the smallest of mesh. It has two sizes of 6’’ and 8’’.

             It can pulverize different types of grains, spices, herbs, and chemicals to dust.

             Its salient features are compact design, high efficiency, rugged design, and low power consumption.

             It is also very suitable for those families who want to grind their flour, spices, and herbs so they don’t have to worry about the purity of the product they are using.

Output wheat : 30 ~ 80kg/h

Power  : 2 ~ 5kw