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Crescent Brand Rice Husking Machine. (Huller).

             This machine is one of the best rice processing machines widely used in the countryside. Our factory is specialized in manufacturing this machine since 1950. The machine has features of large in the rate of polished rice, low in rate of broken rice, compact structure, fine appearance, and easy operation.


Output : 1200 ~ 2000kg/h

Power : 12 ~18.5kw

Jamal-ud-Din Sons & Company

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Crescent Brand Rice

Milling Machinery

Crescent Brand Jet-Air Emery Roll Rice Husker & Whitener.

             This machine is mainly used to whiten brown rice. It is ideal equipment for various rice mills. It has principal features of compact structure, easy operation, bright & clean rice, less broken, Special Jet-Air emery roll structure, homogeneous whitening, high efficiency for removing rice bran, less broken high white rice yield.

Output : 2000 ~ 2500kg/h

Power : 18.5 ~ 22kw

Crescent Brand Jet-Air Emery Roll Rice Whitener &Polisher.

             This machine is mainly used to polish brawn rice. It has principal features of special jet-Air emery roll structure, low noise, less broken rice, high rate of gaining rice, pure white rice, low energy consumption.

Output : 1500 ~ 2100kg/h

Power : 18.5kw

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    Factories: Outside Sarai Sultan Railway Road 
		     Lahore Pakistan.
		  : 1.5km Momin Pura Road,
		     Siraj Park Momin Pura 
		     Lahore Pakistan.

Show Room: 44 Umer Market Link Railway Road 
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	E-mail: info@jamalco.com.pk

Crescent Brand Iron Roller Rice Husker & Whitener. (4D Huller)

             This machine is the advance version of the rice husking machine, with its iron rollers and husking sieves all around the rollers its progress is more and power consumption is less. This is our indigenous product.

Output : 2000 ~ 2500kg/h

Power : 12~18.5kw